Environmental Graphics in Memphis

After a successfulenvironmental graphic installation within this big pharma company's Consumer Care building in NJ,the folks in Memphis wanted in as well. Our objective was to design anenvironment for an additional Consumer Care site that aligned with theirmission and vision and depicted how they help people take back their lives. Our goals were toimprove employee engagement and morale as well as create a visually stunningaesthetic in the space, highlighting Consumer care products, lifestyle, andscientific research. We also installed large graphics in the cafeteria tosupport healthy living and encourage people to make fit diet choices. One of the really coolthings we did to highlight the science behind the products was to get 3D modelsof the molecules used to create some of the products, like Coppertone, andenhance them visually. We took these 3D line drawings and created beautiful molecularmurals that literally stopped people in their tracks. Our approach alwaysstarts with listening. Our solution was a graphical story throughout the spacethat engaged people with the end-to-end process of science, which leads to thecreation of products, and ends with consumers living their lives. This project has received four industry awards in the category of environmental design.

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